How to Make a Magical Flame Tome with CosBond: Part 3

Welcome back to our mini tutorial series on our magical flame tome build. In the second part of this tutorial, we added the details to the book’s cover and painted our “candle wax” a fiery red. In the final part of our series, we’ll show you how to add realistic latches and a bookmark to our hollow book. These quick and easy details will really finish off your tome!

How to Add Realistic Details to Your Flame Tome

  1. To begin, trace your latches onto a sheet of CosBond’s Attach & Build. Cut that out, and stick it to your latches.
  2. Peel the release paper off, and wrap any excess around the edges. I used a gold paint to brighten up the metal details.
  3. To begin our bookmarks, cut spaces in the book for them to fit into. Now, cut the shapes you’d like out of paper.
  4. Trace that twice onto a sheet of Attach & Build, and cut them out. Then, peel and stick each to your paper template.
  5. Now, peel and stick your bookmark to some fabric. Cut that out, then peel, stick, and cut out the other side.
  6. We added some details to my bookmark with puffy paint.
  7. Once that’s dry, hot glue your bookmarks into place. 
While this was a quick process already, using CosBond to stick all the elements in place instantly allowed us to finish up our prop in a matter of minutes. Thanks for following along with our Flame Tome series, and stay tuned for more tutorials and videos!