Making Custom Potion Vials with CosBond

Welcome to our newest tutorial! Today, we will be making custom potion vials. Every alchemist needs some pleasing, portable vials. These little bottles will make great accessories for your next con, or anywhere else you may be headed. Let the magic begin!

How to Make Magic Potion Vials With Attach & Build

  1. To begin, fill your vial about three-fourths of the way with water. Add about a drop or two of your desired color into your potion. For some shimmer, add glittery paint and remember to shake well.
  2. To add leather details, measure, mark, and cut the leather to proper length.
  3. Trace this onto some CosBond Attach & Build, and cut that out. Peel and stick it to your leather.
  4. Then, peel and stick your leather to the top and bottom.
  5.  For your belt loop, trace the width you’d like onto your leather, and cut that out. Trace about three inches onto some Attach & Build. Cut this out, and stick it to your leather loop. Now, peel and stick your loop ends together.
  6. Cut out about three more inches of Attach & Build and stick that to your belt loop.
  7. Now, Stick your belt loop to your vial.
  8. For added detail, spray paint some “googly” eyes. Trace, peel, and stick on some Attach & Build. Then, stick these to your vial. 

And now, just like that, we have a shimmery potion to keep on our belt. What you choose to do with it — and what kind of sorcery you get into — is totally up to you!