Tips for Cosplaying with Wigs: Cosplay Survival Guide

The right wig can really elevate your cosplay from good to great. Or, not having a wig at all could cause you to not even look like the character you’re cosplaying. So, here are our tips on cosplaying with wigs. Check them out!

Measure your head

Maybe this seems a little straightforward, but a wig does you no good if it doesn’t fit! A wig that is too small can hurt your head, and a wig that is too large can leave you looking plain goofy! So, do yourself a favor and measure your head before you buy a wig.

Plan ahead

As is the case with many aspects of cosplay, make sure you plan ahead. Give yourself enough time before your next con when ordering a wig. You will need this time to make sure the size, color, and style are just right.

You get what you pay for

Now, we understand that most cosplayers cannot afford every single top-end product. In fact, we love cosplaying on a budget. So, when getting a new wig, consider what you need. If you only need the wig for a short period of time, sure, get a cheaper wig. But, if you want a wig that will last, it will probably be worth it to spend a little extra.

Give yourself plenty to work with

One of the great joys of cosplaying with wigs is that you can cut, style, and dye them however you want. But, in order to do this, you need to make sure you first get a wig that is long enough and thick enough. For example, it is hard to make spikes if your wig is too thin.


Don’t be afraid to use real hair products

While not all natural hair products work well with wigs, you can do some really cool things with some products. For example, dry shampoo will help take the fake shine out of wigs. Hairspray is also great for styling and shaping wigs.



Get creative

There are obviously tons of fun things that you can do with a wig that you couldn’t do with your real hair. For example, you can sew flowers or other details into a wig. You can also use dyes and markers that would not be safe to put in your real hair. With wigs, the possibilities are endless!


Keep a few wig hacks in your back pocket

You never know when you might have to alter a wig or switch it up last minute. So, sometimes it just helps to have some basic tricks-of-the-trade.