Creating a Sash Belt using CosBond Attach & Build: Part 2

As is the case with any build, the further you get, the more fun details you get to add! Our Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplay is no different. Today, we are going to show you how to add a belt to the sash we made in the previous post. Let’s get started!

Creating a Sash Belt Using CosBond Attach & Build

  1. First, wrap your waist in plastic wrap.
  2. Cut your pattern out on the other side.
  3. Pin your pattern to your fabric (folded in half) and trace along your pattern.
  4. Double up at the top of your pattern — if you’re adding pleats like we are.
  5. Cut your fabric out with half an inch around the entire piece.
  6. Sew the edges down, and begin pinning your pleats into place.
  7. Sew the pleats down in four places.
  8. Now, cut out a bunch of tiny strips of CosBond’s Attach & Build. Peel and stick these between your pleats for a better hold.
  9. Then, iron your pleats down.
  10. To add velcro, attach an extra piece of fabric to the back with Attach & Build.
  11. Now, trace your velcro onto some Attach & Build. Cut these out, and then stick them to your velcro.
  12. And then, peel and stick them to your belt.
  13. To attach the sash, trace where it will be on your belt. Be sure to stick enough Attach & Build down to stick your belt to your sash.

When making our sash, we left space for the LED wire we’ll be adding in Part 3. When finishing up, we suggest you iron your belt to give your sash a better hold. And just like that, we’re done! In Part 3, we will be adding a glowing arrow to the center of our belt.