Creating a Cell Phone Pouch with CosBond Attach & Build and Reinforcer

While we love our several-episode tutorials, quick cosplay hacks and ideas are just as helpful. So, today we will be making a customizable cell phone pouch. Let’s get started!

Creating a Cell Phone Pouch for Cosplay

  1. First, draw a box around your phone. Draw a bottom flap the width of your phone.
  2. Add two parallel lines to work within, and mark where the back flap is.
  3. Add the top of the flap (with enough room for a closure).
  4. Make two side flaps the width of the phone — plus, enough space to attach the flap to the inside.
  5. Cut your pattern out.
  6. Tape your pattern together to test it.
  7. Trace your pattern onto some foam or fabric, depending on your cosplay materials. Mark where your folds are, and cut your pattern out.
  8. Use a heat gun or iron to make the creases.
  9. Trace and cut out enough CosBond Attach & Build to stick the edges together. Peel the Attach & Build, and begin sticking your pouch together.
  10. Add a closure to the top. For ours, we used magnets and CosBond Reinforcer.
  11. Seal your foam with PlastiDip. Then, use paint or spray paint to match your cosplay.

And, just like that, we’re done with our case! Now you can walk around your next con with your phone handy, but without breaking character. Stay tuned for more cosplay tutorials!