Making Cosplay with Double-Sided Attach & Build: Adhesive Series

Adhesives are an incredibly necessary and integral part of every cosplay, but they can also be seriously frustrating and hard to work with at times. Some adhesives can be messy, some take a long time to dry before you can move on to your next task, and some can even produce harmful fumes you don’t want to breathe in. Thankfully, there’s a nearly universal solution that can adhere your cosplay materials together with none of those side effects — CosBond Attach & Build double-sided adhesive sheets.

This powerful, instant adhesive is an easy-to-use solution to many common adhesive challenges and can help you build faster and with more fun. In this post, we’ll explain the process of making cosplay with double-sided Attach & Build adhesive sheets and which materials it can be used to adhere.

What is Attach & Build?

Attach & Build double sided cosplay adhesive traced with a marker

Attach & Build is a double-sided sheet adhesive that’s designed for cosplay, costuming, LARP, theater, and more. It uses a peel-n-stick method to adhere two surfaces to each other in seconds. Using the double-sided sheet is pretty simple: all you need to do is cut a piece of Attach & Build to fit the piece you need to adhere. Because you have full sheets that can be cut and combined to any size and shape, you can cover the entire surface that needs to be stuck down. Once you have your piece of Attach & Build, you’ll peel off one side of the release paper and place the adhesive onto your surface. When you’re ready to stick down your second surface, simply peel the other release paper and press to stick.

Part of the beauty of double-sided adhesive sheets like Attach & Build is not only how convenient they are to apply but also how they can be manipulated after they’ve been stuck down. Attach & Build, unlike heat-activated and heat-sensitive adhesives, can be heated and bent or formed along with your base material after it’s been applied. You can also cut through Attach & Build after it’s been adhered, so if you need to cut down your material after it’s been stuck, you won’t run into any crusty edges or gummed-up scissors or blades.

Along with all of these useful features, Attach & Build adhesive is incredibly clean and convenient to work with. For one thing, Attach & Build dries instantly, so you can move on to your next step quickly without waiting for your adhesive to cure. Attach & Build also gives off no toxic fumes, so you can use it in any space without the need for extra ventilation or a respirator/mask. Finally, Attach & Build provides one of the most powerful adhesive holds you can get. When we put Attach & Build to the test to ensure that base materials will not pull or fall apart, no matter how much weight or force it’s up against.

Best Uses for Double-Sided Adhesive

Perhaps the most useful benefit of working with double-sided Attach & Build is that it works on a huge range of different materials that are commonly used for cosplay and costume-making. To name just a few of these materials, Attach & Build can adhere to:


  • L200 foam
  • EVA foam
  • Insulation foam
  • Fabric
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Thermoplastics, like Worbla
  • ABS plastic
  • Woven nylon
  • Clay and/or Sculpey
  • Acrylic

In terms of applications, Attach & Build can be used to replace other adhesives in just about any adhesion situation. It can be used to stick one material to more of itself as well as to adhere one of these materials to another. This adhesive works to attach construction seams, to add details and embellishments to base materials, to secure strapping elements, and in any other application where you need a strong, permanent adhesive.

There are only a few select materials that Attach & Build has a hard time sticking to. Attach & Build should not be used with super-stretchy fabrics or elastic because it isn’t flexible enough to move with the fabric. More fibrous fabrics like wool will also cause issues for Attach & Build. However, if you add a piece of nylon or a stiffer fabric onto the edge of the elastic, you can adhere that part to your cosplay with Attach & Build. Additionally, Attach & Build will peel off Plasti-Dip reacts poorly to being sprayed. It will also have trouble sitting on foams that are too dense and silicone materials that are too slippery for the adhesive to grip onto.

Save Time and Expand Creativity with Attach & Build

Constructing cosplay prop with Attach & Build double sided adhesive

When you can work on your cosplays and props without the frustrating side effects that come along with standard crafting adhesives, you’re able to build and finish your pieces anytime, anywhere, quickly, and without all the mess. With CosBond Attach & Build, you reap all the benefits of its peel-n-stick design without sacrificing a powerful bond that will hold up through a convention, photoshoot, and anything else you depend on your cosplay to last through. And maybe best of all, you don’t have to worry about researching what adhesive to use for every single adhesive application you come across. When you can rely on Attach & Build to work in almost every situation with most of the materials you commonly use, you can build to your creative inspiration with speed and confidence.