Avatar: The Last Airbender Cosplay Tutorial

Airbender Cosplay Tutorial

For our Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplay, we decided to design our own take on a genderbent airbender like Aang. Her clothes are based on this air temple style, and as an extra homage to the Avatar himself, we wanted to include a glowing arrow element to really make the cosplay stand out. Check out all the links below to learn how we made each piece of our ATLA cosplay.

How to Make Arm Wraps with CosBond

In this post, we’ll show you how to make custom arm wraps that are easy to put on and won’t slide off using CosBond Attach & Build. 

How to Make Zippered Leg Wraps Using CosBond

For the next part of our Aang cosplay, we will be making leg wraps. These wraps are great accessories for any cosplay, but are also super practical. You can use leg wraps to make leg warmers and a variety of other designs as well.

How to Dye and Add Details to Pants Using CosBond 

Not all cosplay builds require EVA foam, plastics, or other complex materials. Sometimes, you just need some dye and CosBond Attach & Build. Today, we’re going to transform some white harem pants into pants that fit our Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplay design.

Creating a Sash Belt Using CosBond Attach & Build: Part 1

There are several pieces that make up Aang’s design that we find pretty cool. One of these is the belt. So, in this post, we’ll be taking the first steps in making the belt for our Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplay.

Creating a Sash Belt using CosBond Attach & Build: Part 2

As is the case with any build, the further you get, the more fun details you get to add! In this step, we’re going to show you how to add a belt to the sash we made in the previous episode.

Creating a Glowing Arrow with CosBond Attach & Build and Wire Manager 

In the final part of our Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplay series, we’re finishing off our sash belt with a glowing arrow. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will use CosBond Attach & Build and Wire Manager to place LEDs and make our arrow glow.

Adding Fabric to Our Glider with CosBond Attach & Build 

Every Airbender needs their own glider. Today, we’re going to complete a glider — made for us by a friend — with fabric details for our gender-bent Aang cosplay