How to Quickly Add Fabric Spots to Cosplay with CosBond

Bulbasaur isn’t complete without his spots, and neither is a Bulbasaur cosplay. After we made a Bulbasaur backpack and repaired the straps using the supplies in a CosBond Healthpack, we wanted to complete the simple cosplay look by adding a Bulbasaur dress. We bought this solid teal/blue/green dress on Amazon to use as our base, but of course, Bulbasaur needs those iconic spots. To avoid all the time and frustration it would take to sew the spots on, we added them quickly using CosBond Attach & Build. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how easy it is to stick fabric spots onto a cosplay dress using CosBond adhesive.

How to Stick Fabric Spots to a Cosplay Dress

  1. First, create some paper templates to figure out the size, shape, and placement of the spots. We used a reference image of Bulbasaur to figure out what spots we needed to draw and test the placement to get them accurate to the source material. To make the templates, we simply sketched the shape of the spots onto some stiff paper and cut them out.Making Bulbasaur cosplay spot patterns
  2. Using the templates you made, cut the spot shapes out of CosBond Attach & Build, then peel and stick them to the fabric. We cut the shapes out of the Attach & Build first instead of the fabric so that we can stick the adhesive directly to our spot fabric. That way, we don’t have to cut the Attach & Build separately and try to match the shapes up. We’ll be able to get the exact shapes we patterned this way.
    Bulbasaur cosplay spots on Attach & Build
  3. Cut the shapes from the spot fabric, peel the back, and stick them to the dress. Essentially, we’ve created fabric stickers on our spot fabric by cutting close around the Attach & Build. We chose a darker shade of green with a suede texture for our spots, but you can use any type of fabric you want. We used our Bulbasaur reference photo to get the placement of our spots right.
    Sticking Bulbasaur spots onto cosplay dress
  4. We’d recommend going over the fabric spots with an iron to ensure the adhesive sinks in. Heating up the Attach & Build helps it bond deeply in the fabric.

Making Cosplay Quick and Easy with Attach & Build

CosBond Attach & Build spotsWith Attach & Build, you can add practically any type of material or detail to your cosplay — fabrics, foams, gems, lace, ribbon, and much more. Because Attach & Build gives you an instant bond with no mess, no fumes, and no dry time, it’s compatible with almost every cosplay material you might be working with at any time. In this case, we were able to permanently add the spots to our Bulbasaur dress so much faster than we would have been able to with a sewing machine or needle and thread. As you can see, Attach & Build makes assembling and adding to builds quick, easy, and mess-free.