How to Make a Quick Pokéball with CosBond

So you want to be a Pokémon master, but you don’t have a way to quickly make pokéballs. No worries! We have a quick and easy way to make a pokéball that opens up using CosBond Attach & Build, as well as a few other basic supplies. You can create this pokéball in no time and put the final touch on any Pokémon cosplay you might be wearing.   

How to Make a Pokéball Prop that Opens

  1. Grab a round, plastic ornament from the craft store, the kind that opens around the middle into two halves.
    Pokeball prop materials
  2. Spray paint one size red and the other side white. We picked gloss paints for a high-shine finish.
  3. Next, trace a circle slightly bigger than a quarter and a band the width of the black part of your poke ball onto some CosBond Attach & Build. These shapes will make up the center “seam” of the pokéball.
  4. Cut those shapes out, then peel and stick then to some thin, black craft foam.
  5. Then cut the craft foam out around the Attach & Build, and cut the black strip down the middle horizontally. You’ll stick one half of the strip to each side of the pokéball so it can still open.
  6. Now trace two smaller circles onto Attach & Build. We used a dime and a quarter for the size, but your circle sizes may depend on the size of your pokéball.
  7. Cut these out, then cut the larger circle in half. Peel and stick these Attach & Build circles onto white craft foam to make the button for the pokéball.
  8. Then cut your circles out of the foam. You’ll want to cut the half circle out as a complete foam circle. That way, only half of the foam circle will have the adhesive, so you you’ll be able to open up your pokéball.
  9. Finally, peel and stick on all of the details once the spray paint is dry.


quick pokeball prop


There you have it. We quickly made a pokéball that opens using CosBond Attach & Build. Now you can go out and be the very best. 

Speedy Building with CosBond Attach & Build 

One of the biggest advantages of building with CosBond adhesives, like Attach & Build, is how fast you can actually build with them. When you use double-stick Attach & Build sheets, you get an instant bond between almost any cosplay material you could be building with. That means no waiting around for your adhesive to dry. Instead, you get the incredibly strong bond you need instantly, and you can move on to the next task at hand. With these advantages at your disposal, you can build cosplay faster with CosBond Attach & Build.