How to Make a Quick and Easy Bow with CosBond

Most of us can tie a bow, but if you want to make a custom bow for your cosplay that won’t come untied, you can actually do so with just a few pieces of ribbon stuck together with adhesive. In this post, we’re going to show you how to make a quick bow in about one minute using only ribbons and CosBond Attach & Build.

Making a Quick and Easy Bow with CosBond

  1. First, measure for the size of bow you want and cut it out.

  2. Cut out a strip of Attach & Build, then peel and stick the ribbon ends together.

  3. Now peel and stick together the center of the ribbon.

  4. Cut out a small piece of ribbon for the center of the bow, then stick a strip of Attach & Build to one end. Wrap the center piece around your bow and stick the ends together. Scrunch up the center depending on the style you want.

  5. For the bow tail, cut two long pieces of ribbon.

  6. Cut strips of Attach & Build out to stick the tail pieces together. Peel and stick the tail to the center of your bow.

  7. To add some detail, we’re going to cut out some small pieces of gold ribbon for the ends. Peel and stick these to the ends of your ribbon tails.

  8. We’re going to attach this bow to our cosplay with a safety pin, but you can use wire or more Attach & Build to stick this bow to any cosplay materials with no fumes and no mess.