How to Dye and Add Details to Pants Using CosBond

Not all cosplay builds require EVA foam, plastics, or other complex materials. Sometimes, you just need some dye and CosBond Attach & Build. Today, we’re going to transform some white harem pants into pants that fit our Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplay design.

How to Dye and Add details to Pants using CosBond

  1. First, grab some fabric dye in the color you desire.
  2. Pour it into a tub of hot water and fully submerge the fabric. Put that aside for a few hours, and stir it every so often.
  3. Now, cut out several strips of CosBond Attach & Build. Peel and stick these to your ribbon detail.
  4. Once they’re washed and dried, peel and stick your ribbon to the edge of your pants.
  5. Now, we have some fun pants that fit our cosplay design!

Keep following along to our Aang series to see what we create next!