Wearing Colored Contact Lenses: Common Cosplay Mistakes

When you create a cosplay, you want to finish the look with all the right details. Sometimes this means using props or makeup/body paint to really nail the look of your character, or if your character has a unique eye color or shape, like cat eyes, you might want to invest in a good pair of colored contact lenses to complete your transformation. However, it’s not as simple as merely buying a pair of lenses online, if you want to truly take care of your eyes and have a good experience wearing colored lenses. In this post, we’ll explain some common mistakes to avoid when wearing colored contact lenses for cosplay.

Mistakes to Avoid when Wearing Colored Lenses for Cosplay

  • cosplayers in colored contact lensesWearing the wrong size contact. While you might see on-size-fits-all contacts for sale on cosplay and costuming websites or in stores, more often than not, those lenses will be uncomfortable to wear because they’re not the right size to fit your eye. Because everyone’s eyes are shapes slightly differently, you’ll need to make a visit to the eye doctor (even if you have perfect vision) to be fitted for the correct size and shape of contact lens. When you’re wearing lenses that are the correct specifications to fit you, you’ll not only be more comfortable in them, but you’ll also be protecting your eye from potential injury caused by ill-fitting lenses.
  • Not cleaning and caring for your lenses correctly. In order to protect your eyes, you need to learn how to clean and store your lenses so that they’re safe to wear. Your eye doctor should be able to talk you through the proper procedures, but as for some basics: be sure to clean your lenses with saline or multipurpose contact solution to remove any dirt or dust before wearing them. Store them in a contact case in solution so that they don’t dry out. Be careful not to tear your lenses. Finally, always insert or remove lenses with clean hands.
  • Sharing or trading lenses with friends. In terms of hygiene and safety, sharing lenses is definitely off-limits. While you might think that clean, well-kept lenses are safe to share, it’s actually very unsanitary and could spread infection or disease. It’s always best to buy your own color contacts, even if a friend already has the color you need for your cosplay.
  • Buying the cheap option. Finally, the cheapest color lenses you find for sale are probably being sold by unlicensed vendors. The FDA regulates contact lenses for safety and sanitation, but unlicensed vendors can sell their lenses for cheap because they have not been regulated by the FDA. While you will expect to pay a bit more for a good, safe pair of contacts that meet FDA standards, your eye health is not worth the risk of wearing the cheapest color lenses.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you consider purchasing colored contact lenses for your cosplay, and protect your eye health in the process!