2021 Cosplay Trends and Predictions Part 3: General Tips

2020 has seemed like the longest year ever. However, 2021 is just around the corner. And, although nobody is sure what next year will exactly look like, we wanted to try and make our 2021 cosplay predictions. In this post, we are going to give you general cosplay tips and predictions for the next 12 months. Let’s start looking ahead to the new year.

Cosplays using masks

Unfortunately, we’re not sure what cons in 2021 will look like, or if a majority of them will happen. But, if there are cons in 2021, we want to do our best to keep everyone safe. So, we are all for coming up with creative ways for incorporating masks into your cosplay. You could use a traditional Covid mask in the colors of your character, or do a mask that is a little more decorative and character specific. Just make sure it’s efficient in keeping everyone safe!IMG_3098

Upping your social media game

Since we aren’t sure how many cons will be around in 2020, upping your social media presence is a great way to still show off your creativity. We think that you can do this in a couple ways. One way is to invest in a green screen. Sure, an Instagram post doesn’t top going to a con, but a super cool background can offer you something that you can’t necessarily have on the con floor.

Another fun way to show off your cosplays is to go outside and do photo shoots. Again, you obviously can’t be out in the woods while at a con. So, an outdoor photo shoot lends new context to any cosplay, old or new.

Zoom calls

A year ago, not many people knew about Zoom. But now, the app is a big part of many of our lives. So, it stands to reason that Zoom will still be around in 2021. We think cosplaying on Zoom with you friends is a great idea for the new year. Either you can just get on the call, show off your build, and then hop off. Or, get dressed up and have a game night on Zoom!


Advanced Skills

If we are stuck inside more in 2021, you will have time to learn some new, complex cosplay skills. For example, you could learn how to incorporate LEDs. Or, maybe you could try 3D printing. If you took time during lockdown in 2020 to learn these skills, we think 2021 is the perfect time to start showing them off with some advanced cosplays.

This concludes our three-part series on 2021 cosplay predictions. Hopefully you enjoyed this series, and we can’t wait to see what you all create in 2021!