How to Glue Basic Cosplay Materials: Cosplay Adhesive Guide

The difference between a good cosplay and a great cosplay is how long it lasts and how well it stays together. However, there is unfortunately not one singular adhesives solution when it comes to putting your cosplay together. Your assembly process ultimately depends on what combinations of materials and glues you’re using. So, to be the best cosplayer you can be, it helps to be familiar with a wide variety of adhesive solutions.

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How to Glue Fabric

There are several different methods for gluing fabric. You can use fabric glue, contact cement, double-sided adhesive sheets, and much more. Or, you could sew your fabrics for your next cosplay. Knowing when to sew your fabrics and when to use some form of adhesive is a great skill to learn.

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How to Glue EVA Foam

EVA foam is very popular, in part because you can use many different adhesives when working with EVA foam. Contact cement and hot glue are both used quite often on EVA. When working with EVA foam, it is also important to remember that you will often have to heat form your EVA as well, and you need adhesives that can deal with that. 

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How to Glue Thermoplastics

Today, thermoplastics are a great material to use in your cosplays. However, they cannot be glued like more common cosplay materials. Some thermoplastics have self-adhesives, or CosBond Attach & Build creates a strong bond between thermoplastics and other parts of your cosplay.

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How to Glue ABS Plastics

To create large 3D printed pieces made of ABS plastics for your cosplay, you will likely have to glue smaller pieces together. Because of this, it’s worthwhile to know best practices when it comes to gluing ABS plastics. Adhesives can also be used when attempting to fix gaps in ABS plastics.

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How to Glue Wood

When building with wood, you should only use wood glue, right? While wood glue is a common adhesive, you have so many more options than you may think.  For example, you could use Attach & Build or even extra-strength spray glue.

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How to Glue Leather

Leather has a wide array of layers and finishes. Because of this, it can be difficult to glue. Luckily, there are still several options you can use when building your next leather or faux leather cosplay.

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How to Glue Clay

Different types of clay call for different types of adhesives. For example, heavy ceramic clay may require something strong, like E-6000. On the other hand, you can glue foam clay like any other foam.

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How to Glue Acrylic Plexiglass

There are many different adhesives you can use to glue acrylic sheets/plexiglass (Attach & Build, E-6000, etc.)  Most adhesives dry transparent, whether you’re working with clear, colored, or dyed acrylic sheets, but it’s important to avoid drips and spills anyway.

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How to Glue L200 Foam

L200 foam is a great material to build with, as it is so versatile. Ultimately, what adhesive you use may just depend on the project. Additionally, how you seal your L200 foam is very important as well.

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How to Glue Cardboard

If you’re cosplaying on a budget or making an 8-bit cosplay, cardboard can be a good material to work with. Traditional white glue is very popular when working with cardboard and paper. However, if you want something more sturdy, try Attach & Build or a spray adhesive. 

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How to Glue Metal

Building with metal can make your cosplay seem very realistic. There are a number of adhesive options at your disposal when working with metal — Attach & Build and contact cement, just to name a few. Also, remember to be safe when working with metal!

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How to Glue Woven Nylon

Woven nylon is typically used for strapping your cosplay. We believe it is one of the unsung heroes of cosplay building. Because of this, you want to use strong adhesives to ensure the durability of your cosplay.

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How to Glue Insulation Foam

Many common adhesives — such as hot glue and spray adhesives — work well for insulation foam. You can even use wood glue when building with insulation foam. But, if you want to stack your foam, we recommend you use an adhesive like Mod Podge that can be more easily cut through.

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