CosBond Cosplay Repair Kit
Instant Adhesive Variety Pack


The CosBond Cosplay Repair Kit is your perfect travel companion for cons and cosplay events. The kit contains an assortment of pre-cut CosBond Instant Adhesive Sheets, Reinforcer Sheets, and Wire Management Strip to help you quickly and permanently repair your costume on the spot. Easily repair seams, damaged armor and weapons, re-attach bolt heads, gears, gems, and more. Compact, lightweight, convenient, with no mess, and no fumes, the CosBond Cosplay Repair Kit is a lifesaver on the con floor. Each kit contains:

  • Eight (8) 5.5″ x 1/2″ CosBond Instant Adhesive Sheet strips
  • One (1) 5.5″ x 4.25″ CosBond Instant Adhesive Sheet
  • One (1) 5.5″ x 4.25″ CosBond Instant Reinforcing Adhesive Sheet (black)
  • One (1) 5″ CosBond Wire Management Strip


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