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Tips and Tricks to Successfull Use CosBond in Your Cosplays

CosBond adhesive solutions were designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s cosplay maker delivering a long-lasting, powerful hold with no mess, no fumes, no sticky fingers, and no drying time. Unlike other adhesive solutions, CosBond is also safe, instant, and non-toxic. Check out the tips below to get the best results when using CosBond.

Best at Room Temperature

CosBond adhesiveswork best when warm. The adhesion strength is optimal at room temperatures. Adding warmth, such as from a hairdryer, helps accelerate the adhesion process to create a stronger bond for some materials. Additionally, strength of the adhesion will further improve after setting for 24 hours.

Works On Almost All Materials & Surfaces

CosBond works great with and on a variety of materials.  It instantly attaches cloth to EVA, EVA to XPS, XPS to thermoplastics (e.g. –  Worbla, WonderFlex,etc.) but will not stick to skin or other oily surfaces and materials. Dust, glitter, and other particulates will also negatively affect its ability to adhere.   Reference Material Recommendations for a list of materials that CosBond does and does not work well with.

Can Handle the Stress

Most adhesives work well on a horizontal stress and not as well with vertical stress—CosBond is no exception. It works well on horizontal stress and pull points, but is weaker on the vertical (90 degree pulling). Using both the Attach & Build and the Reinforcer on your stress point, will provide a better hold for both types of force.

CosBond Lasts

CosBond is designed to hold strong for the life of your project. However, as with any adhesive, the internal stress of materials such as foam will fight against CosBond’s ability to hold. Heat forming materials, using it in lower stress areas*, and using it alongside of CosBond Reinforcer will help you succeed in your build.

*Exception: great for use on straps in conjunction with our Reinforcer and Velcro.  

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Backed by over a decade of research and development in adhesive technology, CosBond specialty adhesives are specifically designed to enhance your creative experiences. CosBond incorporates powerful, instant peel and stick adhesion for use on a wide variety of materials without fumes, messy glues, or drying time. CosBond Adhesives help today’s cosplayers build more complex and detailed costumes faster, easier, with less hassle, and more fun!