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What exactly IS CosBond?

CosBond is a type of cosplay adhesive! It’s an industrial strength pressure-sensitive peel and stick glue, embedded with tiny micro fibers for added strength, sandwiched between two release sheets. The bond is instant, has no fumes, it’s non-toxic and mess-free!

How is CosBond different from other glues?

Unlike other glues CosBond is instant, non-toxic, has no fumes, and is mess free! With other glues, you may have a wait time to adhere pieces together, nasty and dangerous fumes, difficult cleanup, or fear of glue failure. With CosBond, your glue and adhesion fears can be a thing of the past!

What size does CosBond come in?

CosBond Attach & Build Adhesive is currently offered in a 8.5″ x 12″ Sheet.  
The Reinforcer, both white and black is also sold in a 8.5″ x 12″ Sheet.  
Each sheet can be cut down to the size of the particular piece you are working with.  

The Cosplayers Healthpack Includes the following sizes of adhesive sheets:

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How do I use it?

The entire family of CosBond products is extremely easy to use. Take the Attach & Build for example. You simply cut the material to the size and shape that you want, peel off one side of the release sheets, and press firmly to your material. Then peel off the second release sheet and adhere your material to whatever you’d like! Once you stick your pieces firmly together, they won’t come apart. It’s that simple! Check out our Resources section to learn more.

How long does it take CosBond to dry?

CosBond is an instant adhesive! There is no drying time or having to wait. Once you stick the pieces together, they won’t come apart! For the ultimate in long-term adhesion, CosBond’s holding strength only increases with time.

What the difference between "Attach & Build" and "Reinforcer?"

The Attach & Build is the basic adhesive sheet. It has the industrial strength glue sandwiched between two release sheet for a quick mess-free use.

The Reinforcer has the same type of adhesive but instead of two release sheets, one side is a nearly indestructible synthetic sheet of flexible material. It’s a “skin” type of material you can use on hinges, straps, seams and other places where a tough and reliable material is needed that won’t come off. Think of it as duct tape on steroids!

What types of materials does CosBond work on?

We have tested all of the CosBond family of products on a wide variety of products: EVA foam, fun foam, XPS foam, Thermal plastics (Sintra, Styrene, Kydex) Worbla, Cloth, wood, leather, metals and glass. We know it doesn’t work on Silicone (but what does?), Latex, and some vinyls. But throw it at most anything else and it will stick!

For a complete list of materials tested with CosBond check out our Material Recommendations page.

Is CosBond safe for everyone use?

The CosBond family of products are non-toxic and fume free making them safe for kids to use.  In addition CosBond gives you the flexibility to build anywhere including around your pets.  If you have sensitivity to chemicals and smells, CosBond is the perfect product for you!  Here is a copy of the manufacture’s MSDS CosBond Sheet.

How does CosBond handle heat and humanity?

It has been laboratory tested up to 180 degrees heat and it still holds. It has also been tested it by freezing it, boiling it, leaving it outside in the cold and rain all night… and it still holds through it all! We have tested it through workouts and sweat and it still holds. Extreme heat, such as when applied with a heat gun, will make the glue temporarily malleable, but will become solid again in seconds when it cools down.

Do you have test results for CosBond?

Yes! CosBond had been laboratory tested on many materials. Test results can be found found here.

How long does CosBond last?

Once applied, the adhesive is long lasting and will adhere for the life of your project. It doesn’t harden or become brittle with age like other adhesives. On the shelf, it will last for years.

Is CosBond washable?

YES! CosBond has been tested on material and cloth and has gone through a washing machine over 75 times.`

If I attach my straps with CosBond will they hold?

With nylon straps, there is a two step process. First you attach the straps with the Attach & Build to your product/costume. The second step is to cover the strap leaving room around it for overlap with the REINFORCER.

Are there any materials that CosBond does not work with?

CosBond won’t stick very well to fuzzy materials, finished leather, stretchy materials, silicone, latex, and vinyls. But other than those, CosBond works great on most other materials!  

Visit the Material Recommendations page for a complete list.

What if I'm not happy with the results?

If you are not 100% happy with the results of our products, please let us know! Contact us and we will either replace material or give you a complete refund for your product. Just let us know!

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