Performance Results

CosBond Was Labratory Tested On A Varierty Of the Most Widely Used Cosplay Materials

The materials below were tested using peel adhesion test ASTM D-3330 at 90 and 180 degrees with 24 hour dwell time.  Average load values of 3.0 or more are considered satisfactory for Cosplay applications. Failure modes are described below.

Average Load lbf/in
Failure Mode
EVA Foam 10, 1/4″ 5.84 Foam Tear
EVA Foam 20, 1/2″ 6.48 Foam Tear
EVA Foam 40, 1/16″ 4.68 Foam Tear
EVA Foam 40, 1/2″ 5.51 Foam Tear
EVA Foam 40, 1/4″ 12.16 Foam Tear
EVA Foam 60, 1/4″ 2.16 Clean
Sintra 5.67 Clean
XPS/Styrofoam 0.93 Substrate Failure*
Tanned Leather 8.23 Cohesive Split
Worbla/Matte 6.67 Partial Tear
Worbla/Shiny Side 6.94 Clean
Worbla/Back Side 3.82 Clean
Woven Polyester 5.87 Cohesive Split

*The Styrofoam broke apart while the adhesion remained intact.

Average Load lbf/in
Stainless Steel 5.0
ABS Plastic 5.0
Polyproplyene 4.5
High Density Polyethelene 4.0
TPO 4.5
Painted Metal 4.0



Adhesion Failure – The adhesion breaks apart due to insufficient cohesion.
Clean – Adhesive peeled from test material with no adhesive residue left behind.
Cohesive Split – Adhesive was left on both the test material and the carrier material.
Foam Tear – The foam material broke apart while the adhesive held.
Partial Tear – Some foam broke apart and adhesive pulled away from the rest.
Substrate Failure – The test material breaks apart as it is weaker than the adhesive.

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